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Bukidnon Federation of Family Welfare Committees conducts 1st Medical Mission to 500 Malaybalay City

Malaybalay City --- Bukidnon Federation of Family Welfare Committees (BFFWC), a committee of family welfare practitioners organized by the Department of Labor and Employment, Region X (DOLE-X) successfully conducted its 1st Medical Mission on 23 May, 2017 at Freedom Park, Barangay 4, this city. The BFFWC is a chapter of the Northern Mindanao Federation of Family Welfare Committee (NMFFWC), an organization formed to implement Department Order No. 56-03, Series of 2009.


DOLE-X Bukidnon Provincial Field Office (Buk PFO) Chief Raul L. Valmores said that the Family Welfare Program of DOLE is aimed to provide family welfare services to the workers which were carried out by a Family Welfare Committee in every member-company. It is composed of both management and labor sector representatives.


BFFWC is composed of more than 20 companies employing 200 workers and above and some 10 companies employing less than 200 workers.  


The members of the committee aims to pursue the ten dimensions of the program, which are (1) nutrition; (2) hygiene and sanitation; (3) education; (4) value information;  (5) spirituality; (6) leisure and sports; (7) transport; (8) livelihood; (9) housing; and (10) responsible parenthood, health, and medical care.


Under the tenth dimension, the first medical mission was conducted to strengthen the partnership and rapport of the members as a group in giving back to the community through free medical and dental services.


Valmores expressed his appreciation to all the officers, “I acknowledge the effort and full support of all officers and members of this Federation who joined and sponsored the medical mission.”


The free services also included medical check-up, medicines, dental services, and circumcision.


 “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the companies who extended their help and time to the success of this activity. I am thankful for the free medicines and services given by our volunteer doctors and nurses,” Valmores added.


The beneficiaries were some 500 identified 4Ps beneficiaries of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, through coordination with the City’s Social Welfare Department. 49 availed the free dental services, and 40 young males were circumcised during the free “tuli” or circumcision. The rest of the beneficiaries availed the free medical checkup and medicines.


“Services offered were good. My 10 year-old son, Nicko, availed of the free “tuli” in time of the summer break from school. I am very thankful for the free medicines given and also grateful to all the organizers and sponsors of this activity,” Terisita Caramihan said.


Valmores officially appreciated the various volunteers, companies, hospitals, and pharmacies making the first BFFWC Medical Mission a success.


End/Reyna L. Tagailo, LEO III and Almarie Rañoa,Job Order/DOLE-X/Bukidnon Provincial Field Office






Some 500 DSWD 4Ps identified as beneficiaries line-up for registration during the 1st BFFWC Medical Mission on 23 May 2017 at the Freedom Park, Malaybalay, City,Bukidnon. (Photo source: DOLE-X Bukidnon PFO)



DOLE-X Buk PFO Chief Raul L. Valmores (center) and staff Ms. Arlyn Z. Bael (2nd from right) with the medical mission team during the 1st BFFWC Medical Mission on 23 May 2017 at the Freedom Park, Malaybalay, City,Bukidnon. (Photo source: DOLE-X Bukidnon PFO)




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