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DOLE livelihood success stories commended by Gov. Romualdo of Camiguin Province


Cagayan de Oro City --- Regional Director Atty. Joffrey M. Suyao of the Department of Labor and Employment, Regional Office No. X (DOLE-X) was honored by the visit of Camiguin Provincial Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo on 20 March 2018. Among others, Director Suyao presented the video documents of successful stories of the livelihood projects from the Camiguin Province as nominees to the 2018 DOLE search for Best Livelihood-Assisted Projects for individual and group categories.


Governor Romualdo expressed enthusiasm to advocate and support the entrees of her constituents who proved that starting small in business has magnanimous impact in pursuing one’s dreams to be successful in life. The eight and ten minute video presentations encapsulated the humble beginnings of the beneficiaries and showcased how their businesses flourished and served as motivation to fellow aspirants. In her elation, she volunteered to present the videos during local events/activities in the province as a model worth emulating.


Director Suyao was very pleased to show to the Governor the individual category nominee – Mr. Axel M. Salise’s Piso Net Project with pocket wifi package. Axel, a Person-With-Disability (PWD) from Barangay Baylao, Mambajao, was only twelve years old when he was stricken with polio disease, deforming his hands and fingers. Director Suyao discussed further that in 2014, DOLE-X granted Axel PhP 20,000.00 worth of financial assistance to fund his arcade style computer used as internet or gaming vending machine. He continued that Axel dreamed of having his own business that he started with so meager, selling “camote” leaves until he was employed in an office. Having been elected in 2012 as the President of an NGO, Persons with Exceptional Reserved Skills Association (PWERSA), he helped his fellow PWDs by employing them in his computer business, trained them and incidentally made him a role model to them. Further, Axel innovated his marketing strategies by proof-reading/editing documents computerized for a fee. This gave him an edge with other computer services nearby even with more units to offer. To date, Axel aims to expand in selling customized t-shirts, event giveaways/tokens and souvenir items. He foresees that his Piso-Net livelihood will be dispersed to other individual PWDs for them to be successful entrepreneurs like him.


From the heart-warming video of Axel, Director Suyao expressed delight to present the success story of KASAMMA (Kahugpungan sa mga Masilakong Mananagat) organization of Barangay Lagapak, Poblacion, Sagay for the group entry of their Tingco Tingco Boat and Net Fishing Project. The project started on January 2000. Association Chairman Fernando Ocaba received the inital DOLE-X financial assistance worth PhP 400,000.00. Ocaba recalled that their project employed 70 worker-beneficiaries, who were then living below the poverty line with varying concerns like basic needs including medical care, education and food. Director Suyao gladly reported to Governor Romualdo how the business diversified and flourished from merely catching/selling fish to squid and fish drying, salted fish production, and bottled sardines. It has now employed 15 fishermen, three women brokers to market outlets in the other municipalities, 15 slicers, and 5 packers.


The group made use of mechanical drying of their produce in response to the unfavorable weather condition besetting the province being situated in a typhoon belt area. This paved the way for another assistance in the amount of PhP 300,000.00 on December 2016 as a reformation project on Rehabilitation of Boat Engine and Panamaw Fishing. Director Suyao commended the group for the successes in view of obtaining additional livelihood income for their members through micro-financing, bigasan, hog fattening, egg laying – all in close coordination with DOLE-X.


Governor Romualdo lauded the documentation efforts of DOLE-X through the leadership of Director Suyao. She assured all-out support to all DOLE’s programs and projects in uplifting the lives of her constituents.         


End/Mildred E. Dablio/DOLE-X




Intimate engagement of Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo (right) and DOLE-X Regional Director Joffrey M. Suyao affirming proactive and mutual undertakings for the Province of Camiguin on 20 March 2018 at the DOLE-X Regional Office, Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo source: MED/DOLE-X)



Video presentation of DOLE-X’s entry on the two Camiguin livelihood beneficiaries for the 2018 DOLE Best Livelihood-Assisted Projects (Individual and Group Categories) facilitated by DOLE-X Regional Director Atty. Joffrey M. Suyao (leftmost, top picture) to Camiguin Provincial Governor Ma. Luisa D. Romualdo (2nd from left, top picture) with her staff at the DOLE-X Office of the Regional Director on 20 March 2018, Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo source: DOLE-X)



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