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Consultation meeting with Del Monte Philippines targets 1,500 workers to be regularized on DOLE-X re


Cagayan de Oro City --- The Department of Labor and Employment, Regional Office No. X (DOLE-X) recently had a consultative meeting with Del Monte Philippines, Incorporated (DMPI) in view of the directive of Labor Secretary Silvestre H, Bello III on the regularization of workers. The meeting initiated by DOLE-X Regional Atty. Joffrey M. Suyao was attended by DMPI management and its respective union groups – the Associated Labor Unions (ALU-TUCP) and the All Workers Alliance Trade Unions (AWATU-TUCP).


Director Suyao said that the aim of the meeting was to provide updates on the DOLE Department Order No. 174-17 to the labor and management representatives of the DMPI, wherein he presented the directive of President Duterte for DOLE to ensure the attainment of at least 300,000 workers nationwide being regularized. 15,000 of which was allotted for Region X. “This was also a good venue to advocate for DOLE program updates particularly on the inspection program,” he explained further. The limitations and allowable circumstances surrounding the said policy was further discussed.


Director Suyao collaborated support from DMPI on the regularization of its workers. As a strategy to achieve the 15,000 target in less than a year of implementation or ten months to be exact, Director Suyao revealed that DOLE-X will rely heavily on the Voluntary Compliance of employers and contractors to regularize the employment status of their workers.  With this drive the DOLE will be complemented by the regulatory/inspection program to enforce the labor laws, if deemed necessary.

With this development, DMPI management representative Atty. Ramon Velez, disclosed how they are seriously addressing the regularization issue. According to him, they targeted to hire at least 1,500 regular workers effective immediately until November 2018. This number will come from 500 regular plantation workers which will form part of the bargaining unit and at the same time add up to the increase of the membership of AWATU TUCP; 500 regular cannery workers (increase membership of ALU-TUCP); and 500 regular workers which may be assigned whether at the plantation or the cannery. Velez revealed also that the 1,500 workers to be hired may come from the existing workers of DMPI contractors or any other sources as long as applicants qualify based on the requirements of the company or will be hired in addition to the existing number of its regular employees.


Atty. Velez affirmed its support with the Department’s campaign on voluntary regularization of workers and pledged to support the stoppage of ENDO and other forms of contractualization, including the LOC arrangement. He also assured Director Suyao that they will submit to DOLE-X the list of regularized workers on 2016-2017 that were not yet reported, as well as their action plan involving the hiring of at least 1,500 regular workers for the current year.


Meanwhile, the workers’ representatives were grateful and recognized the efforts of the DMPI management.  They also expressed appreciation to DOLE-X, thru Director Suyao, in its efforts in coming up with the consultative meeting. Likewise, they committed to support the initiatives of DOLE in monitoring companies and contractors’ compliance to General Labor Standards, Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the security of tenure of the workers. They also assured to continue its partnership with DOLE in the implementation of its programs and projects.


At the close of the meeting, the workers’ representatives requested the DMPI management to prioritize the hiring of existing workers from the contractors, especially those who were already working in the company for years. The meeting ended with a positive note that indeed open communication can move mountains.


End/Mildred E. Dablio/DOLE-X



DOLE-X Regional Director Joffrey M. Suyao (4th from left) poses with DMPI management and workers’ representatives during the DOLE-X consultative meeting on its regularization campaign at the DOLE-X Regional Office, Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo source: DOLE-X)


DOLE-X Regional Director Joffrey M. Suyao (righmost) facilitates the consultative meeting with DMPI management and workers’ representatives on its regularization campaign at the DOLE-X Regional Office, Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo source: DOLE-X)


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